New / Green Product Showcase

The New / Green Product Showcase highlights products, services and technologies exhibited at BUILDEX that are transforming the design, construction, renovation and project management industries. Look for the New / Green Product Showcase logo on the tradeshow floor to source and learn about new products, services and technologies that are leading the industry into the future.

Company: YAG Inc. Canada

Booth: 1107

Product: Steel Frames


YAG Inc. has 40 years’ experience having completed over 300 projects globally using in-house manufactured load-bearing light steel frames to build Residential (houses and low-rises), Commercial, and Industrial up to 8 floors.

Our technology tailors each steel piece of frame to the exact requirements of the construction project, rendering the construction 50% Faster, 25% Cheaper and Easier than any other material!

Dimensional stable, Safer, Resistant, Environmental friendly and more.